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In the Vertical Supply Chain

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ECMD Distribution, has long been recognized for designing and managing innovative and efficient

vertical supply chains

, but we don't stop there. We harness the power of technology to drive customer-centric "lateral thinking". Coordinating management of the vertical supply chain using an array of merchandising functions at the retail level can be the difference between success and failure in today's retail environment.

Today's retail marketplace is demonstrating the inadequacy of a simple focus only on the vertical supply chain. The lesson learned: Retail success requires much more than a great product at a great price.

Our long menu of retail service functions produces proven results, delivering superior return on investment, comp store performance, and profit per square foot for multiple products made by multiple manufacturers. The right products at the right place at the right time and at the right price-that's the minimum requirement of today's consumer.

Often it is highly inefficient to purchase items direct from a manufacturer who does not offer integrated logistics support.

ECMD Distribution

's industry-leading logistics benefits its customers through cost efficiency and timely delivery of all the products they need. Our business model focuses on delivery of more products to fewer destinations, a process that facilitates higher service levels while reducing costs.