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Provided free to ECMD customers

ECMD has long been regarded as the leader in the utilization of technology to improve efficiency, lower costs, and increase service to the customer. Now we have brought that technology to our customers, in our continuing effort to streamline the supply chain and deliver value wherever possible. In late 2011, ECMD rolled out its Link sites --

customer applications

that enable dealers to place their own orders, check on existing orders, and look up pricing from any location with internet connectivity.

In 2012, ECMD introduced its next generation of capabilities -- ECMDLink.


was completely built in-house to bring even greater ease of use, more capabilities, and greater value to our customers. The new software has been a huge hit with customers.

In late 2012, ECMD began providing ECMDGears, its mobile iPhone application, to dealer customers, ECMDGears allows private, real-time insight into the dealer’s data in ECMD's systems from a device they carry in their pocket!

In June 2014, ECMD introduced an Android version of ECMDGears. It has all the powerful functionality of its iPhone cousin, and runs on all Android devices running Android 4.0 or later.